Glamour is the expression of sensuality surrounded by sophistication and elegance, as well as Boudoir, which portraits the same sensual expression taken to the most intimate spaces as a bedroom, or the environment of a lit fireplace. Lucy Lencinas says that everyone has something sexy to show because they all have the ability to seduce. Glamour is not meant not only for professional models with perfect bodies, anyone can do it and Lucy with an experience of more than 450 models has the knowledge and professionalism to guide whoever is in front of her lens and make her feel relaxed and sexy, and at the same time have fun while in the process. If you are a professional model do not miss the opportunity to expand your portfolio with well done collection of gallery-level photos, if you want to show your sensual side or give your partner an album with photos full of glamour and sensuality, do not hesitate to contact Lucy.